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By using tempotime.lv website (the Website) the user (the User) consents to our privacy policy and processing of the User‘s personal data provided.

tempotime.lv  undertakes to comply with the provisions regarding to private policy governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

tempotime.lv realizes the importance of private data, which it has collected from its Users of this Website. Personal data include, but are not limited to, User data such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

tempotime.lv uses personal information to facilitate order processing, improving Website for marketing and promotional purposes (for example, offers its Users the ability to get products Kekis.lv in special promotions); by the analysis of user data, our company also evaluates the use of the Website.

The Website can also detect non-binding surveys and questionnaires, in which we ask you for information, comments or suggestions, presenting an opportunity for site visitors to ask us questions. The information, that the User provides, can help us design and make better products, to customize shopping experience of the User and to provide advice or recommendations when the User is buying.

The personal data are also used to target significant marketing and promotional offers. This type of advertising can be carried out by using banners or promotional e-mails sent by Kekis.lv or any other company under contract with tempotime.lv .

Finally, tempotime.lv examines the demographics, interests and behavior of its Users, based on the information obtained in the purchase, during promotional events, surveys and from the server log files. The reason for this is because of better understanding and monitoring use of the Website, to improve the content of Websites and products that we offer for our customers. This research is compiled and analyzed by a comprehensive manner.


Visiting the Website the User is not obliged to provide the personal data except if the User contacts with tempotime.lv by contact form of tempotime.lv or card of Loyality programm of tempotime.lv. tempotime.lv may collect additional personal information in relation with the placing bets, competitions or promotions sponsored by Kekis.lv, or when the Users voluntarily respond to non-binding  surveys and questionnaires. Additional personal data may be collected when the User sends e-mail to tempotime.lv. In case of nesessity by collecting extra personal data tempotime.lv shall request the consent of the User to the collection of his/her personal data.  Any information that User gives in this way, is not accessible to third parties, and is used by tempotime.lv only for the purposes for which User has provided this information and information shall be processed according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. In this event tempotime.lv undertakes not to disclose personal data to third parties without the person‘s consent exept cases specified in the laws of the Republic of Latvia. tempotime.lv does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information of the Website’s user. However, tempotime.lv shares personal information that you provide to related companies of the group tempotime.lv for the same purposes.

tempotime.lv web servers also collect the domain names of websites. This is a summary of the information used to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed records, etc.

In order to ensure safety of the personal data of the User tempotime.lv uses appropriate security technology that ensures the security, integrity and privacy of all personal data.

This online privacy policy applies only to information collected through Website and not to information collected offline.


Kekis.lv has right to amend this privacy policy. In the event if tempotime.lv has decided to change its privacy policy, tempotime.lv will definetely update this privacy policy and make it available on the Website. The current privacy policy shall enter into force on the publication date on the Website.

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