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Ltd. ”Tempo Time”
Reg.LV 40103975853
Address: Salnas iela 12-141,Rīga,LV-1021
IBAN: LV29HABA0551041422109
Support; +371 26406453
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Working hours: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00

Ltd Tempo Time
Salnas iela 12-141
LV-1021 Riga
+371 26406453


1.1. PRICESAll prices of the goods in the INTERNET STORE are specified in euro together with the value added tax. The price of the good does not include the costs of delivery of the goods to the PURCHASER.

1.2. LANGUAGESThe PURCHASERS of the INTERNET STORE are provided with the possibility to place orders and conclude distance contract in the Latvian, English or Russian languages.

1.3. EXECUTION OF THE ORDERThe PURCHASER has the possibility to acquire any good selected in the INTERNET STORE, by ordering it on the Internet (tempotime.lv)or by phones (+371 26406453) or by electronic mail (info@tempotime.lv). In order to execute the order on the INTERNET, the PURCHASER has to register (only registered users can execute the orders on the Internet). Procedure for execution of the order on the Internet:

       2.3.1. FIRST ORDER


  1. 1.Choose the good you are interested in, review the description of the good and, if you are satisfied with the selected good, click button “Buy”;
  2. You see the good in “purchase basket”. You have the following options:
    • edit the quantity. Enter the necessary quantity in the field at “Quant.”;
    • delete the erroneously entered good from the “purchase basket”. Click on the “cross” leftwards from the image of the good;
    • return to the section of the goods. Click on “Continue buying”;
    • order the good (-s) selected by you. Click on “Place the purchase”.
  3. You need to register. Click on “Register”. When completing the registration form (mandatory field are marked with *), click “Continue”;;
  4. Choose the type of delivery necessary for you. If you have chosen, click “Continue”;
  5. Choose the payment option. you have chosen, click “Continue”;
  6. Report and confirmation of your order. You see full information about your order: title(-s) of check(-s) of the good(-s), price without value added tax, tax separately, the fee for delivery if the good. The final amount of your order is specified in the column “Sum total”. You have the following options to perform the correction of the order:
    • to add the good (-s) to the order. Click “Edit basket”;
    • to change the address of the payer, the delivery address, type of delivery or payment option, by clicking “Change” in the corresponding field on the left side of the display.
    Before placement of the order, you have the possibility to write a short comment by the order (field “Comment”). To order to good (-s) ordered by you, click “Confirm the purchase”.
  7. 1.Congratulations! You have made your first order and have concurrently become the registered user of the INTERNET STORE. The letter confirming your registration and order is sent to the electronic mail address specified during the registration.
  • you must authorise, in order to execute the order. Click “Authorise” in the right upper corner of the display;
  • nter the electronic mail address, password and click “Join”;
  • then follow the instructions in Sub-clause 2.3.1 points 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6;;
  • thanks for your purchase!

2.4. CONDITIONS FOR STORAGE OF THE CONCLUDED CONTRACTThe SELLER shall not store the concluded contracts on the goods purchased in the INTERNET STORE.2.5. TECHNICAL TOOLS FOR DETECTION AND CORRECTION OF INFORMATION INPUT ERRORS BEFORE PLACING THE ORDERDuring all order execution stages the USER of the INTERNET STORE has the possibility to edit the entered data, by returning one or more steps back. The PURCHASER may correct any errors, found after the confirmation of the order, by contacting internet shop managers on the phone numbers +371 26406453


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